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Robin Boss
Jun 21, 2022
In Wellness Forum
What I want to introduce today is one of the product managers' friends: front-end development engineers. Although I deal with them every day, I think category email list everyone has not "cared about" them well. Today, let's take a look at the busy front-end engineers who are in contact category email list with them every day. something. Now that the mobile Internet is developing so fast, the front-end development field is getting wider and wider. The front-end has already bid farewell to the era of cutting pictures. App development can see the shadow of front-end development engineers. In a narrow sense, front-end engineers , JavaScript and other professional skills and tools to implement product UI design drafts into website category email list products, covering user PC and mobile web pages, and dealing with visual and interactive issues. In a broad sense, all visual and category email list interaction-related parts of user terminal products are the professional field of front-end engineers. To put it simply, the daily work of front-end development engineers is the process of creating front-end interfaces such as web pages or mobile pages and presenting them to users. Through the three front-end components of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various derived technologies, frameworks, and solutions, to achieve category email list User interface interaction of Internet products. Take you to re-acquaint yourself with the front-end engineering lions category email list around you Each web page that users see is mainly composed of three parts: Structure, Presentation and Behavior. HTML - structure, which determines the structure and content of a web page ("what"); CSS - presentation (style), setting the presentation style of the web page ("what it looks like"); JavaScript - behavior.
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Robin Boss

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