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salma akter
Jun 15, 2022
In Wellness Forum
In recent years, e-commerce platforms are executive list unwilling to be instrumental, and have added content products one after another, hoping that users can browse the platform and complete the closed-loop transformation from planting to pulling executive list weeds on the platform. Today we briefly take stock of the content of each e-commerce platform. product. 1. Taobao: [Shopping] How far is it from Xiaohongshu? Going is split from Weitao. Let’s take a look at several problems of Weitao, which can be extended to the situation faced . In fact, in the e-commerce platform, the executive list conversion rate of content shopping guide products will be lower than that of the general market, because the shopping content has already represented that the user's purchase intention is not clear, and users with clear intentions often complete it directly. Buy. The extended thinking, what is Taobao's measurement index for shopping? Conversion rate? Use The second disadvantage of Weitao is that merchants’ private executive list domain marketing and content are mixed together, Conducive to the establishment of the user's executive list mind. This is the clearest benefit of the current revision. The third disadvantage of Weitao is that the quality of the content is low. The marketing content of the merchants is too simple, and the content executive list style of the video live broadcast is single. The subscription relationship of users is often guided by the interests of the merchants, and the willingness and interest of users are not strong.
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