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ziaur3 ziaur3
Jun 16, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Event operations are an important aspect of operations work. In addition to having comprehensive and systematic Whatsapp Database knowledge, an excellent event operation should have efficient execution for project control, process promotion, coordination of Whatsapp Database various departments, and resource integration to promote the completion of KPIs for the overall event. The excellent performance of an S-level event often makes many new stores stand out, and can determine the allocation of event resources in the next few months and increase the weight of Xiaoer's heart. 1. Build an activity model In the "people and goods field" of e-commerce, activities assume the role of "field", and a successful event can effectively combine people and goods through the role of "field" to maximize effectiveness. Building an effective activity Whatsapp Database model is the foundation of the "field". The activity PM will do a good job of coordinating and controlling all matters in the three stages before, during and after the activity. 1. Before the Whatsapp Database event - prevention is better than cure Make full preparations before the event, align the goals/budgets/resources/plans with each department, and ensure that each department does not deviate from the understanding of the information. Good pre-planning is better than all post-event remedial measures. 2. Active - full monitoring During the activity, comprehensively monitor the Whatsapp Database overall activity, whether the warm-up/formal/countdown/returning nodes are effectively implemented, real-time monitoring of all dimensions of the page/product/data/user/activity Whatsapp Database mechanism, and timely adjustment if problems are found. 3. After the event - full review In the later stage of the event, a multi-dimensional review of the event must be carried out, and lessons learned should be summarized and incorporated into the lessons learned library to provide guidance for future events.
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ziaur3 ziaur3

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